Personal Growth

Learning is a perpetual process .

Learning is a continuous process which enables an individual to explore new things  and develop new ideas.


Perplexed in life ……… but why ? 

Hi everyone 

I would like to share an experience of mine which I have been through all these years . 

Always in life never be too much dependent on people as it makes you mentally handicap . The vital reason behind this is when you rely too much on people it gives you kind of secured feeling in heart which turns out to be dangerous in a later stage . 

As it is rightly said Practice Makes Man Perfect : 

Always practice hard for anything that you want to accomplish in life for example : You are more keen to learn guitar 🎸 

Now to learn guitar all you need to do this gather courage to learn by yourself and take some guidance if needed . That doesn’t mean that you should completely learn it by yourself , you shouldn’t be too much dependent on anybody to learn something . 


Hence coming to the topic confusion is something natural and every human experiences it but to be very precise “Confusion arises when you aren’t sure about what to take up and is a sign of poor decision making “. 

Always try to strike a balance between your mind and heart . Never listen to just one . 

                                          Mohammed Taha 


That Scary moment in life …!!!!

I would like to share an incident which occurred long back when I was in my childhood.
When i was  studying high school my mom used to pick and drop me to school as I always preferred a car ride over a school bus ,  so as usual daily my mom used to drop me and my elder brother to school .

So one day it so happened that my mom was angry with me and my elder brother Yaseen as we woke up late and were late to school . On ohr way to school me and my brother are seated behind in the car and due to some reason we were fighting with each other . Mom was already disturbed and angry with us , so when we started fighting mom immediately for a second turned behind a scolded us . But , unfortunately at at milli second I realised that anything can happen in a fraction of second . Suddenly a bike rider came in between and hit our car due to which there was a sudden jerk inside car .

Thank god everyone were safe and there were no major injuries . Immediately mom stopped the car and looked for that person , he who was all safe tried to manage his bike and mom apologised him for that .

The man understood the situation and was silent over it .
So , at times life gives you a sudden jerk even in a fraction of second so beware .

Thank you 😊